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5 Dixon Street
Studio 12
Glasgow G1 4AL
(Just off St Enoch Square)

Telephone 0141 237 8101
David R Hill  has over 35 years experience in the tailoring business. Every fully-bespoke suit at Hill the Tailor is  hand cut to your exact measurements and style preferences.
An extensive selection of suit material, silks and linings are available including: 
Scabal, Holland & Sherry, John G Hardy, Wain Shiell, Porter Harding, Harrisons, Reid & Taylor and Hunt  Winterbotham.

To ensure perfection in every detail at least three fit-ons are carried out by Mr Hill.   Bespoke tweed suits, jackets, trousers and coats are another speciality of Hill the Tailor in a vast  selection of cloths.


Q.  How long does it take to make a fully bespoke suit?

A.  A suit takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete. Three fit-ons are required during the make.

Q.   I've acquired my own suit length. Can      you use this to make my suit?

A.  Yes. David Hill would be glad to discuss and adjust pricing accordingly.

Q, How much does a bespoke suit cost?

A. Prices from £1300 for a fully bespoke
2-piece suit.

Q  What's the difference between a bespoke suit and a made-to-measure suit?

A.  The distinction here is between bespoke, created without use of a pre-existing pattern, and made to measure, which alters a standard-sized pattern to fit the customer. A bespoke suit at Hill theTailor is unique to YOU and will achieve  the perfect fit. The suit material is hand-cut and constructed, layered and basted  to exacting standards. Three fit-ons are required to make any adjustments and attain perfection.

Q   Can you make me trousers - I don't want a suit right now?

A. Yes. We make individual items: Trousers, Jackets, Waistcoats and Overcoats.

Q   I need to get a ceremonial jacket made  - can you help?

A.  Yes. If you contact us and supply photos we can advise how to proceed on making special garments.